Curriculum Vitae

Tertiary studies in Commercial Screenprinting, Fabric Printing and Fabric Decoration. (Canberra Institute of Technology). Classes with Nancy Crow, Elizabeth Busch, Joen Wolfrom, Keiko Goke, Caryl Bryer Fallert, Jan Beaney, Sue Blanchfield, Sandra Meech, Holly Brackmann, Jane Sassaman, Rosalie Dace, Alice Kettle, Ruth Hadlow, and Sharon Muir.

AQC 2016 Rajah Award – for Outstanding Contribution to Australian Quilting
ACT Accredited Quilt Teacher
Quilt Judge and Valuer



  • The Australian Quilt Convention- Retrospective Solo Exhibition: Sydney Seabreeze, Wild and Free, Night Bloomers, Bush Larrikins, The Drought, The Rain, The Bounty, Bungle Bungles, Still Life Poppies, Waratah, King Protea, Pam’s Peewee, CanberraThe Planned City, Vessels #2, The Swagman
  • The Australian Textile Exhibition – Botanical Gardens Melbourne: Sydney Seabreeze
  • Dalgety Quilt Show – Australian Quilts: Pam’s Peewee, Waratah, Protea, The Drought, Emu, Corrugated Iron,  Beth Miller and June Brown collaborative
  • Blessington Quilt challenge Secret Dreams: Down the Rabbit Hole Ernest’s Choice Award
  • SAQA trunk show : Morning Glory


  • Quilts in the Library – Erindale Library Wild and Free
  • tACTile- The Map Project: Where I Live- Bush Capital Belconnen Arts Centre
  • Textile Festivals- Open European Quilt Championships Maastricht
  • In the Garden Beth Miller and Wilma Cawley collaborative
  • Canberra Quilters Exhibition – Pam’s Peewee
  • Houston Quilt Festival – USA Finalist  Bayon Temple
  • World Quilt Competition- Pennsylvania, Palm Springs, Santa Clara, USA- King Protea
  •   SAQA – USA- Block Auction – Poppies
  • Canberra Quilters 40th Celebrations Challenge-First Place4 Decades and 40 Stars
  • Hands All Around Special ExhibitHouston USABanksia
  • SAQA – Two by Twenty Exhibition – Creativa, Brussels, Quilt Expo en Beaujolais at ParcExpo in Villefranche sur Saone, France, Road to California, Ontario, USA, Original Sewing and Quilt Expo, Atlanta, Georgia USA, – Original Sewing and Quilt Expo, Lakeland, Florida USA, – Original Sewing and Quilt Expo, Cleveland, Ohio USAHollyhocks and Sweet Pea
  •  QuiltNSW Annual Exhibition –Pictorial Quilt First Place Bayon Temple
  • Dalgety Quilt show – Pam’s Peewee


  •  Hands All Around Special Exhibit – Houston USA, Quilt Festival/Chicago – King Protea
  • Canberra Quilter’s Exhibition – First Place-Wall Quilt Professional – Still Life – Poppies
  • World Quilt Competition – Pennsylvania, Palm Springs, Santa Clara, USA – Pam’s Peewee
  • SAQA – Two by Twenty – Open European Quilt Championships, Maastricht, Netherlands
  • Quilt Festival Berlin, Germany, – Hollyhocks and Sweet Pea
  • The Quilters’ Guild of NSW Annual exhibition Pictorial Quilt – First place – Pam’s Peewee
  • Mixed Techniques- Third Place – Canberra – The Planned City
  • Dalgety Quilt show – Waratah – Telopea speciosissima
  • SAQA Oceania – Postcard showcase


  • Quilts=Art=Quilts – Schweinfurth Art Centre New York USA
  • Catherine Hastedt Award for workmanship – “Canberra the Planned City”
  • La Conner Quilt and Textile Museum USA – “Redbrow Gardens”
  • Carrefour European du Patchwork France – “Waratah – Telopea speciosissima”
  • Gallery Trinity Grammar School N.S.W. “Floriade, Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex, The Brindabella Mountains and Open plains”
  • Canberra Quilter’s Exhibition – “King protea”
  • Texas Quilt Museum –U.S.A. “Kimberley Sunset”
  • Festival of Quilts Birmingham, United Kingdom – “Still Life Poppies”
  • The Quilters’ Guild of NSW Annual exhibition – “Waratah – Telopea speciosissima”
  • World Quilt Competition New England, Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza, Quiltfest Oasis Palm Springs, Pacific international Quilt Festival and World quilt show – Florida – USA – “Hollyhocks”
  • Australian Quilt Convention – Great Australian Quilts – “Bush Larrikins”
  • “In the Garden Exhibition“ – “Q” Art Gallery NSW In conjunction with Wilma Cawley
  • Fantastic Fibres, Yeiser Art Centre Paducah U.S.A. – “Canberra The Planned City”
  • Dalgety Quilt show – Barrier Reef


  • Braidwood Quilt Event – First Place- Wall Hanging –“Canberra the Planned City” andFirst Place- We are Australian quilt design –“Canberra the Planned City”
  • tACTile Exhibition- Belconnon Arts Centre 100: Celebrating Canberra
  • Canberra Quilter’s Exhibition, Second Place – “Barrier Reef” – Group Section
  • SAQA – USA- Block Donation “Sea Turtle”
  • Houston Quilt Festival – USA Finalist – “Night Bloomers”
  • World Quilt Competition – USA – “The Drought” and “The Rain”
  • The Quilters’ Guild of NSW Annual exhibition – “The Drought” and “The Rain” (Fourth Place)
  • Australian Quilt Convention – Best of the Best – “Night Bloomers”
  • International Quilt Festival Cincinnati USA Celebrate Spring – “The Bounty”
  • Dalgety Quilt Show – The Rain


  • Expressions 2012: The Wool Quilt Prize – “Wrapped in Red”
  • Brother International One Step Further Exhibition 2012 – “Shattered Squares”
  • Everything in Between – Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery –
  • Southern Utah University – USA – Selected Exhibition – “The Drought”
  • One Red Thread – Berry Textile Art Prize Selected Exhibition – “12 Shades of Red”
  • Canberra Quilter’s annual Exhibition
  • Viewer’s Choice –“ Night Bloomers”
  • First Place Art Quilt (open) – “Night Bloomers”
  • Third Place Mix– Media (open) – “The Fire”
  • The Quilter’s Guild NSW annual Exhibition
  • Participant in the Masters Exhibition
  • The Irish Quilt Festival – Patchwork Promise Round Robin- “Barrier Reef”
  • Australian Quilt convention – Best of the Best – “Emu”
  • tACTile. Elements Exhibition: Gilgandra Heritage Gallery, Quilt Expo en Beaujolias France
  • The Royal Canberra Show
  • The Canberra Times Craft Expo -2nd place, Reserve Champion, “Royal Flush”


  • Braidwood Quilt Event
  • Cortona Resources Acquisitive Award – “Grass Trees”
  • Quilt Expo en Beaujolais France – a collection of Australian quilts
  • Dalgety Quilt Show, “Corrugated Iron – Iron Lace 1”
  • The Quilter’s Guild of NSW annual Exhibition
  • First Place Mixed Techniques Professional “Vessels 1”
  • Judges Choice –“Vessels 1”
  • Canberra Quilters Inc annual Exhibition – Second Place Wall Quilt (professional) “The Elephant” and Second Place Art Quilt (open) “Emu”
  • Hands All Around 2011: International Quilts. Houston “Vessels 1”
  • tACTile. Elements Exhibition: ACQ Melbourne, ANCA Gallery (ACT), Gilgandra Heritage Gallery


  • Hands All Around 2010: International Quilts. USA tour. “The Girls of Tyrone Farm and Dandelion and Rust”
  • Houston Quilt Festival USA Finalist “Vessels 2”
  • tACTile. Collections Exhibition. Quilt Expo en Beaujolais
  • The Quilter’s Guild of NSW annual exhibition “Dandelion and Rust”
  • Canberra Quilter’s Inc annual Exhibition – Third Place Mixed Media (Open) “Vessels 3”
  • My Place Travelling Exhibition, Carrefour European du Patchwork Val d’Argent France “Gum Blossom”
  • The Royal Canberra Show: The Canberra Times Craft Expo Overall Champion “Dandelion and Rust”


  • My Place Travelling Exhibition, Craft show Melbourne, Minerva Gallery Wellington NZ, COPAC Colac Vic “Gum Blossom”
  • World Quilt Exhibition , New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Santa Clara, Florida USA
    “Corrugrated Iron, Iron Lace 1”
  • Hands all Around XXV USA tour “Corrugrated Iron,Iron Lace 2”
  • tACTile. Collections Exhibition, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Gilgandra
  • The Quilter’s Guild of New South Wales Inc annual Exhibition: Second Place Mixed Technique Professional “Corrugated Iron- Iron Lace 3”; Second Place Pictorial Quilt “The Girls of Tyrone Farm”;
  • Canberra Quilter’s Inc annual Exhibition: Second Place Tiny Treasures “Contrasts”, Second Place Art Quilt “Grass Trees”, and Second Place Bed Quilt Professional “A Touch of Green”; Chiatanya Designs Embellishment Award -“Corrugated Iron-Iron Lace 2”
  • Dalgety Quilt Show
  • Braidwood Quilt Event – Highly Commended -We Are Australian section “Gum Blossoms”


  • Houston Quilt Festival USA Finalist “Grass Trees”
  • Hands all Around XXIV Houston USA tour “Kimberely Sunset”
  • tACTile. Eyeline Exhibition Fairfield Gallery, Gilgandra Perth, Braidwood
  • My Place Travelling Exhibition Textile Arts Festival Brisbane “Gum Blossoms”
  • The Quilter’s Guild of New South Wales Inc annual exhibition
  • Judges Commendation “Banksia”
  • Canberra Quilter’s Inc annual exhibition
  • Third Place Art Quilt (Open) “The Girls of Tyrone Farm”
  • Braidwood Quilt Event
  • First prize- We Are Australian section “The Girls of Tyrone Farm”


  • tACTile. Eyeline Exhibition, Craft Show Melbourne, ANCA Gallery ACT, Lyon France, Cooee Heritage Centre Gilgandra NSW
  • Sense of Place Travelling Exhibition, Samson Hill Winery Vic, Mesdag Museum Holland, Bousaada Gallery Bowral NSW, Middle East Tour “Bogong Moths”
  • Hands all Around- USA tour “Bungle Bungles”
  • Myfab quilt Exhibition – CK Gallery Golden Colorado USA “The Gerringong Rocks”
  • The Quilter’s Guild of New South Wales Inc annual Exhibition Third place Mixed Techniques Professional “The Gerringong Rocks”
  • Canberra Quilter’s Inc annual Exhibition “Bungle Bungles”
  • Braidwood Quilt Event -First place “We are Australian” “Kimberley Sunset”


  • Roses Bousaada Winery Bowal NSW “Memories”
  • Pacific International Festival – USA “Bush Larrikins”
  • Hands All Around – Houston USA and France tour “Bush Larrikins”
  • World Quilt Exhibition – USA
  • 1st place Innovative Quilt section “Bogong Moths”
  • Artstreet Moruya NSW Solo exhibition
  • 2006-7 Australian Japan Round Robin
  • Australian Citizenship Quilt Gold Coast, Hobart, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide
  • Tactile. Five Squared Exhibition – Gilgandra Cooee Centre NSW, Fairfield Gallery NSW, La Sucriere Lyon France, Broken Hill Art Gallery NSW
  • The Quilter’s Guild of NSW annual exhibition –
  • First Open Pictorial Professional “Sunflowers”


  • Across Australia travelling exhibition Tripoli, Cairo,Demascus,Aleppo and Kuwait
  • ”Golden Beaches”
  • Hands All Around USA and France tour
  • World Quilt USA tour
  • Second place of country “River Barge”
  • Tactile. Five Squared Exhibition , Australian Quilt Convention, SA and WA Quilt exhibition, Gilgandra Cooee Heritage Centre, Braidwood, Pacific International Festival USA
  • The Quilter’s Guild of NSW – First place Open Pictorial Quilt Professional “Bogong Moths”, Second place Viewers Choice “Bogong Moths”
  • Canberra Quilter’s exhibition
  • Second place quilt section professional “Sunflowers”


  • 2003:  The Quilter’s Guild of NSW annual exhibition- Best of Show ‘Bush Larrikins”
  • 1994:   Royal Canberra Show – Contemporary Reserve champion “The Swagman”
  • 1993:  Craft Expo Winner Canberra Times Award Champion Quilt “Somewhere Green”
  • 1992:  Canberra Quilters exhibition First place and Viewers Choice “Somewhere Green”

Drummoyne Council NSW, The Thomas Contemporary Quilt Collection Placentia USA, Dr Annette Gero Contemporary Quilt Collection, Sydney Australia and private collections in Australia, Europe and Asia.


  • Work featured in a live webinar (Interweave press) – by Lyric Kinard
  • Work featured in a video on a special exhibit “Hands All Around XXV: International Quilts.
  • QuiltsFestival@Home.
  • Work featured in a lecture and online class titled “The Elements of Art For Quilters” by Lyric Kinard
  • Ann Strite-Kurz – Canvas Embroiderer. Adapted version of “Burning the Midnight Oil” to an canvas embroidery


  • 1997 Floriade community banners
  • 2014 The Girls of Tyrone Farm #2 Sao Paulo Brazil
  • 2016 Bali Longboats Denpasar Bali


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